Selection of constructions made ​​by the company RIOS Ltd.recently. For more details and a list of references please contact us.

Reconstruction of the control center benzol

- Complete reconstruction of the building control center benzol including heating, building envelope, floors, electrical wiring and inner equipment of the building.

Repair of sump chemical sewer system

- Complete repair of existing sump chemical sewer system including installation vertical pumps.

Homogenization in vessels for crude anthracene oil

- Realization of mixing technology in crude anthracene oil tanks.

Construction storage clean phthalatehydride

- The implementation off new storage array for storing liquid phthalatehydride. The installation process hermetic pump and connection to disposal of exhalations.

Disposal of incineration plant ENETEX exhalations from tar

- Building of the new waste gases combustion units. Prevent the escape of exhalations sealing equipment and eco burning of waste gases.

Production of inert gas

- Construction of new premises for technology for the production of inert gas including new access road.

Modernization of compressor room DEZA

- Replacement of two old compressors per new and installation of a new absorption air dryer.

Modernization storage mixing chemicals

- Installing a new storage tank tar oils. Sealing and disposal of waste gases from existing tanks tar oils.

Replacement pumps for tar P281.1a

- Complete installation of new centrifugal pump including construction the basis, pipe connections and electrical power supply.

Flood prevention measures

- The implementation of complex measures to minimize the potential damage caused by the floods in the area of production plant.

Installation boiler feeder EN3

- Supply and installation of new high-pressure boiler feeder.

Reconstruction of steam distribution Václavkova street in Valašské Meziříčí

- Reconstruction of steam distribution steam pipes and hot water for pre-insulated pipes corresponding dimension.